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Neo4j: keep/filter keys in a map using APOC

In this post we’ll learn how to write a Cypher query to create a node in Neo4j containing some of the keys from a map. This post assumes that the APOC library is installed.

We’ll start by creating a map that contains data from my twitter profile:

:param document => {
  id: 14707949, name: "Mark Needham",
  username: "markhneedham", bio: "Developer Relations @neo4j",
  location: "London, United Kingdom", url: "http://www.markhneedham.com",
  join_date: "8 May 2008", join_time: "5:58 PM",
  tweets: 24710, following: 2479, followers: 5054, likes: 1014

We want to create a User node based on this data, but we don’t want to use all of the keys in the map. If we want to remove some keys we can use the apoc.map.clean function. The following function call removes the join_date and join_time keys:

WITH ["join_date", "join_time"] AS keysToRemove
RETURN apoc.map.clean($document, keysToRemove, []) AS result

But what if we want to keep keys rather than remove them? I ran apoc.help('apoc.map') to see if there were any functions to do this, and as far as I can tell there aren’t:


We can, however, combine two APOC functions to get the desired result. First up, apoc.map.values extracts the values for a list of keys:

WITH ["name", "username", "bio", "following", "followers"] AS keysToKeep
RETURN apoc.map.values($document, keysToKeep)

And we can then use apoc.map.fromLists to reconstruct our map:

WITH ["name", "username", "bio", "following", "followers"] AS keysToKeep
RETURN apoc.map.fromLists(keysToKeep, apoc.map.values($document, keysToKeep)) AS result

This code forms part of the following query that creates a User node keyed on the id property, and then sets the other properties afterwards:

WITH ["name", "username", "bio", "following", "followers"] AS keysToKeep
MERGE (u:User {id: $document.id })
SET u += apoc.map.fromLists($keysToKeep, apoc.map.values($document, $keysToKeep))

All done!

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