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Python: Getting GitHub download count from the GraphQL API using requests

I was recently trying to use some code I shared just over a year ago to compute GitHub Project download numbers from the GraphQL API, and wanted to automate this in a Python script.

It was more fiddly than I expected, so I thought I’d share the code for the benefit of future me more than anything else!

Pre requisites

We’re going to use the popular requests library to query the API, so we need to import that. We’ll also be parsing JSON and reading environment variables, so we’ll load libraries to help with those tasks as well.

import requests
import json
import os

Creating the script

We can use the query from the original post, so let’s create a string containing that:

query = """
query($owner:String!, $name: String!) {
  repository(owner: $owner, name: $name) {
    releases(first: 50, orderBy: {field:CREATED_AT, direction:DESC}) {
      nodes {
        releaseAssets(first: 1) {
          nodes {

That query takes in some variables. We’ll put those in a map:

variables = {"owner": "neo4j-contrib", "name": "neo4j-apoc-procedures"}

We’re nearly ready to post a request to the GraphQL API, but first we need to create a personal access token. The GitHub docs explain how to do this.

Let’s create a file containing the token. It looks like this:


export GITHUB_TOKEN="<github-token-here>"

We can now run the following commands so that the token is available as an environment variable:

source devenv

Now we’re ready to construct our POST request:

token = os.getenv("GITHUB_TOKEN")
headers = {"Authorization": f"bearer {token}"}
request = {"query": query, "variables": variables}

response = requests.post("https://api.github.com/graphql",

The response we get back is extremely nested! We want to print the number of downloads per project, as well as the total download count. The following code does this:

result = response.json()["data"]["repository"]["releases"]["nodes"]

total_downloads = 0
for item in result:
    release = item["releaseAssets"]["nodes"][0]
        f"{release['name']:<35} {release['createdAt']} {release['downloadCount']}"
    total_downloads += release["downloadCount"]

print(f"Total Downloads: {total_downloads}")

And if we run that we’ll see this output:

apoc-                2019-02-15T20:45:21Z 17622
apoc-                2019-02-15T21:28:31Z 7454
apoc-                2018-11-27T14:16:12Z 28113
apoc-                2018-11-16T17:37:27Z 5502
apoc-                2018-10-11T00:17:08Z 414
apoc-                2018-09-20T13:38:29Z 13498
apoc-                2018-08-08T23:51:40Z 10680
apoc-                2018-08-08T23:49:52Z 30670
apoc-                2018-05-16T16:17:20Z 7509
apoc-                2018-05-16T16:13:52Z 29150
apoc-                2018-02-23T19:52:54Z 478
apoc-                2018-02-23T19:26:26Z 16508
apoc-                2018-02-23T19:26:37Z 2596
apoc-                2017-10-23T15:53:42Z 5806
apoc-                2017-10-23T15:54:12Z 29825
apoc-           2017-10-03T18:39:15Z 407
apoc-                2017-08-07T14:29:09Z 6776
apoc-                2017-07-22T09:31:43Z 1275
apoc-                2017-05-15T07:06:33Z 2250
apoc-                2017-05-15T07:28:20Z 6963
apoc-                2017-04-03T08:22:26Z 543
apoc-                2017-04-03T08:19:17Z 1609
apoc-                2017-04-03T02:15:46Z 1014
apoc-                    2017-03-10T01:21:52Z 89
apoc-                    2017-03-10T06:13:03Z 537
apoc-                    2017-03-10T06:12:03Z 594
apoc-                    2017-03-10T01:34:02Z 36
apoc-                2017-01-06T02:15:33Z 862
apoc-                2016-12-14T02:19:30Z 2990
apoc-                2016-11-06T15:09:44Z 201
apoc-                2016-10-29T08:36:49Z 4286
apoc-                2016-10-06T08:54:34Z 199
apoc-                2016-08-22T16:10:57Z 1267
apoc-1.1.0.jar                      2016-07-11T05:22:14Z 630
apoc-1.0.0.jar                      2016-05-07T22:53:24Z 535
apoc-1.0.0-RC1.jar                  2016-04-15T23:26:37Z 53
Total Downloads: 238941

APOC all the things!

The full script is available below if you want to do the same for your project:

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