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Python 3: Converting a list to a dictionary with dictionary comprehensions

When coding in Python I often find myself with lists containing key/value pairs that I want to convert to a dictionary.

In a recent example I had the following code:

values = [{'key': 'name', 'value': 'Mark'}, {'key': 'age', 'value': 34}]

And I wanted to create a dictionary that had the keys name and age and their respective values. The easiest way to convert this list to a dictionary is to iterate over the list and construct the dictionary key by key:

attrs = {}
for value in values:
  attrs[value["key"]] = value["value"]

>>> attrs
{'name': 'Mark', 'age': 34}

It’s annoying that I have to mutate attrs to add items in but it works.

Much to my delight I recently learnt that Python 3 introduced Dictionary Comprehensions which allow us to do the conversion in one line:

>>> { value["key"]: value["value"] for value in values }
{'name': 'Mark', 'age': 34}

Dictionary comprehensions are very similar to list comprehensions but we project a key/value pair rather than a single value for each item in our collection.

You can see more examples in the Dictionary Comprehensions section of the Dive Into Python 3 Guide.

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