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Python: BeautifulSoup - Insert tag

I've been scraping the Game of Thrones wiki in preparation for a meetup at Women Who Code next week and while attempting to extract character allegiances I wanted to insert missing line breaks to separate different allegiances.

I initially tried creating a line break like this:

>>> from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
>>> tag = BeautifulSoup("<br />", "html.parser")
>>> tag

It looks like it should work but later on in my script I check the 'name' attribute to work out whether I've got a line break and it doesn't return the value I expected it to:

>>> tag.name

My script assumes it's going to return the string 'br' so I needed another way of creating the tag. The following does the trick:

>>> from bs4 import Tag
>>> tag = Tag(name = "br")
>>> tag

>>> tag.name

That's all for now, back to scraping for me!

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