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How I met your mother: Story arcs

After weeks of playing around with various algorithms to extract story arcs in How I met your mother I've come to the conclusion that I don't yet have the skills to completely automate this process so I'm going to change my approach.

The new plan is to treat the outputs of the algorithms as suggestions for possible themes but then have a manual step where I extract what I think are interesting themes in the series.

A theme can consist of a single word or a phrase and the idea is that once a story arc is identified we'll search over the corpus and find the episodes where that phrase occurs.

We can then generate a CSV file of (story arc) -> (episodeId), store that into our HIMYM graph and use the story arc as another factor for episode similarity.

I ended up with the following script to work out which episodes contained a story arc:


find_term() {
  episodes=$(grep --color -iE "${searchTerm}" data/import/sentences.csv | awk -F"," '{ print $2  }' | sort | uniq)
  for episode in ${episodes}; do
    echo ${arc},${episode}

find_term "Bro Code" "bro code"
find_term "Legendary" "legen(.*)ary"
find_term "Slutty Pumpkin" "slutty pumpkin"
find_term "Magician's Code" "magician's code"
find_term "Thanksgiving" "thanksgiving"
find_term "The Playbook" "playbook"
find_term "Slap Bet" "slap bet"
find_term "Wrestlers and Robots" "wrestlers"
find_term "Robin Sparkles" "sparkles"
find_term "Blue French Horn" "blue french horn"
find_term "Olive Theory" "olive"
find_term "Thank You Linus" "thank you, linus"
find_term "Have you met...?" "have you met"
find_term "Laser Tag" "laser tag"
find_term "Goliath National Bank" "goliath national bank"
find_term "Challenge Accepted" "challenge accepted"
find_term "Best Man" "best man"

If we run this script we'll see something like the following:

$ ./scripts/arcs.sh
Bro Code,14
Bro Code,155
Bro Code,170
Bro Code,188
Bro Code,201
Bro Code,61
Bro Code,64
Best Man,208
Best Man,30
Best Man,32
Best Man,41
Best Man,42

I pulled out these themes by eyeballing the output of the following scripts:

I can't remember off the top of my head if any obvious themes have been missed so if you know HIMYM better than me let me know and I'll try and work out why those didn't surface.

Next I want to see how these scripts fare against some other TV shows and see how quickly I can extract themes for those. It'd also be cool if I can make the whole process a bit more automated.

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