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On Writing Well - William Zinsser: Book Review

I first came across William Zinsser's 'On Writing Well' about a year ago, but put it down having flicked through a couple of the chapters that I felt were relevant.

It came back onto my radar a month ago and this time I decided to read it cover to cover as I was sure there were some insights that I'd missed due to my haphazard approach the first time around.

What stood out in my memory from my first reading of the book was the emphasis on how words like a bit, a little, kind of, quite, pretty much and too dilute our sentences and I've been trying to avoid them in my writing ever since.

Other things that stood out for me this time were:

I gleaned these insights mostly from the first half of the book.

The second half focused on different forms of writing and showed how to apply the lessons from earlier in the book. Although not all the forms were applicable to me I still found it interesting to read as the author has a nice way with words and you want to keep reading the next sentence.

My main concern having read the book is ensuring that I don't paralyse my ability to finish blog posts by rewriting ad infinitum.

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