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Mac OS X: A couple of neat tools

When I first started working at uSwitch Sid installed a couple of 'productivity applications' on my Mac which I've found pretty useful but from talking to others I realised they aren't known/being used by everyone.


Alfred is a Quick Silver replacement which allows you to quickly open applications, find files, search Google and more. Even though we're not using half of its features it's still proved to be useful.

I quite like the calculator feature which we've been using for adhoc calculation like working out how much free memory there was on a server or the conversion rate on part of an A/B test.



The other application is Moom which allows you to move/resize windows.

I didn't see the point when I first saw it but it's actually really useful when you're working on a big monitor and want to put say the terminal alongside the browser.

We have the following shortcuts set up:


That allows us to type 'Ctrl + Space' to make the window fill the left hand side of the screen, 'Alt + Space' to make it fill the right hand side of the screen and 'Alt + Ctrl + Space' to fill the whole screen.

You can also set up shortcuts to allow you to move a window between displays or to rearrange the windows based on certain events.

Highly recommended!

If anyone knows any other cool tools like this I'd love to hear about them.

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