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Python: (Conceptually) removing an item from a tuple

As part of some code I've been playing around I wanted to remove an item from a tuple which wasn't particularly easy because Python's tuple data structure is immutable.

I therefore needed to create a new tuple excluding the value which I wanted to remove.

I ended up writing the following function to do this but I imagine there might be an easier way because it's quite verbose:

def tuple_without(original_tuple, element_to_remove):
    new_tuple = []
    for s in list(original_tuple):
        if not s == element_to_remove:
    return tuple(new_tuple)  

Which can be used like so:

>>> tuple_without((1,2,3,4), 1)
(2, 3, 4)

>>> tuple_without((1,2,3,4), 0)
(1, 2, 3, 4)

The easiest approach seemed to be to build up a list containing all the values and then convert it to a tuple by using the tuple function.

It'd be cool if there was a way to transform a tuple like this but I couldn't find such a function in my travels.

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