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Book Review: The Retrospective Handbook - Pat Kua

My colleague Pat Kua recently published a book he’s been working on for the first half of the year titled ‘The Retrospective Handbook’ - a book in which Pat shares his experiences with retrospectives and gives advice to budding facilitators.

I was intrigued what the book would be like because the skill gap between Pat and me with respect to facilitating retrospectives is huge and I’ve often found that experts in a subject can have a tendency to be a bit preachy when writing about their subject!

In actual fact Pat has done a great job making the topic accessible to all skill levels and several times covers typical problems with retrospectives before describing possible solutions.

These were some of the things that I took away:

I think this book compliments Esther Derby/Diana Larsen’s ‘Agile Retrospectives’ really well.

I find their book really useful for finding exercises to use in retrospectives to keep it interesting whereas Pat’s book is more about the challenges you’re likely to face during the retrospective itself.

There’s lots of other useful tips and tricks in the book - these are just a few of the ones that stood out for me - it’s well worth a read if you’re a participant/facilitator in retrospectives on your team.

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