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Haskell: A simple parsing example using pattern matching

As part of the second question in the Google Code Jam I needed to be able to parse lines of data which looked like this:

3 1 5 15 13 11


This seemed like it should be easy to do but my initial search led me to the Parsec chapter in Real World Haskell which seemed a bit over the top for my problem.

All we really need to do is split on a space and then extract the parts of the resulting list.

I thought there’d be a ‘split’ function to do that in the base libraries but if there is I couldn’t see it.

However, there are a bunch of useful functions in the ‘Data.List.Split’ module which we can install using cabal - a RubyGems like tool which came with my Haskell installation.

Installing the split module was as simple as:

cabal update
cabal install split

There’s a list of all the packages available through cabal here.

I needed the splitOn function:

import Data.List.Split
> :t splitOn
splitOn :: Eq a => [a] -> [a] -> [[a]]

We can then split on a space and extract the appropriate values using pattern matching like so:

let (_:surprisingScores:p:googlers) = map (\x -> read x :: Int) $ splitOn " " "3 1 5 15 13 11"

> surprisingScores 

> p

> googlers 
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