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The 5 Whys/Root cause analysis - Douglas Squirrel

At XP Day I was chatting to Benjamin Mitchell about the 5 whys exercises that we’d tried on my team and I suggested that beyond Eric Ries’ post on the subject I hadn’t come across an article/video which explained how to do it.

Benjamin mentioned that Douglas Squirrel had recently done a talk on this very subject at Skillsmatter and as with most Skillsmatter talks there’s a video of the presentation online.

Gojko wrote a post summarising the talk at the time but I was interested in seeing how a 5 whys facilitated by Douglas would compare to the ones that we’d done.

These were some of my observations/learnings:

Overall I found the talk quite useful and it was especially helpful to be able to see how a more experienced facilitator, like Douglas, was able to guide the discussion back into the framework so that it didn’t drift off.

I’m not yet convinced that we would want to run a 5 whys exercise every week which is what I’ve heard suggested before - I think the format could quickly become dull to people as with any other meeting format when used repeatedly.

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