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MarkLogic: Deleting all the documents in a database

We’re using the MarkLogic database on my current project and something that we wanted to do recently was delete all the documents as part of a deployment script.

Getting all of the documents is reasonably easy - we just need to make a call to the doc() function.

We can then iterate through the documents like so:

for $doc in doc() return $doc

We wanted to make use of the xdmp:document-delete function to tear down all of the modules but that needs a uri representing the location of the document in the database which isn’t available in $doc:


xdmp:document-delete( $uri as xs:string ) as empty-sequence() Summary: Deletes a document from the database.

A colleague pointed out that what we needed to do was pass the document to xdmp:node-uri and then our troubles would be over!

The final solution therefore looks like this:

for $doc in doc() return xdmp:document-delete(xdmp:node-uri($doc))

I was expecting that we would delete the documents by some sort of identifier but I guess this approach makes more sense given the way the data is stored.

It all seems a bit esoteric at the moment!

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