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Jet Airways: Lacking conceptual integrity and the power of twitter

I recently travelled to London and back for Christmas using Jet Airways and the whole journey got off to an ‘interesting’ start.

I originally booked two Jet Airways flights - one from Pune to Delhi and another from Delhi to London.

A couple of weeks later I was sent an email cancelling my Pune to Delhi flight and informing me that I should contact their customer support centre.

I quickly browsed their website to check what had happened to my flight and found out that it had actually changed from being a Jet Airways flight and was now in fact a Jet Lite flight - their sister airline.

I called the customer support centre and asked them to book me that flight which was fine and I was told that I’d be sent an email with the updated itinerary.

I didn’t receive the email which normally wouldn’t be a big deal except you can’t get into Indian airports unless you have a print out containing the details of the flight that you’re going to be taking.

I called the customer support centre again and was told that I’d need to come to the airport and go to the Jet Airways information desk in order to get a print out of my new itinerary.

I went there and was given a copy of what I thought was my new itinerary. I didn’t realise until later on that I’d actually been given a copy of an itinerary still containing my old flight which had been cancelled.

Presumably the system which the Jet Airways staff were using doesn’t contain information about Jet Lite which to me as a customer shows a lack of conceptual integrity because to me they’re just one organisation even though internally they may not be.

I decided to see if I could sort it out on twitter and after a few messages back and forth with whoever controls the Jet Airways twitter account I got an email with my new itinerary.

Hurray for twitter!

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