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Linchpin: Book Review

I’ve read a couple of Seth Godin’s other books - Tribes and The Dip - and found them fairly readable so I figured his latest offering, Linchpin, would probably be worth a read too.


This is the first book that I’ve read on the iPad’s Kindle application and it was a reasonably good reading experience - I particularly like the fact that you can make notes and highlight certain parts of the text.

It’s also possible to see which areas of the book other Kindle users have highlighted and you can see your highlights/notes via the Kindle website.

The Review

The sub-title of the book: ‘Are you indispensable? How to drive your career and create a remarkable future’ didn’t really appeal to me all that much but I’ve found that these types of things are often just for provocation and don’t necessarily detract from the message.

As with the other Godin books I’ve read, he spends a lot of time making his original point and in this one it felt like I’d already agreed with what he was saying for at least 50 pages before we moved onto something else.

Despite that I think there were some good points made in the book. These were some of the more interesting ones for me:

Overall this book feels to me like a more general version of Chad Fowler’s ‘The Passionate Programmer’ which is probably a more applicable book for software developers.

This one is still an interesting read although it primarily points out stuff that you probably already knew in a very clear and obvious way.

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