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The Limited Red Society - Joshua Kerievsky

I recently watched a presentation given by Joshua Kerievsky from the Lean Software & Systems conference titled ‘The Limited Red Society’ in which describes an approach to refactoring where we try to minimise the amount of time that the code is in a ‘red’ state.

This means that the code should be compiling and the tests green for as much of this time as possible .

I think it’s very important to follow these principles in order to successfully refactor code on a project team and it’s an approach that my colleague Dave Cameron first introduced me to when we worked together last year.

These are some of my observations and thoughts on the talk:

Although I already knew some of the approaches shown in this video it’s always interesting to see how experienced practitioners put them to use and there were a couple of new ideas that I hadn’t come across before.

I particularly liked the fact that there was a 20 minute Q&A section at the end. The discussion is quite interesting to listen to.

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