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QTB: thetrainline.com - 'Scale at speed'

About 18 months on from the first ThoughtWorks QTB that I saw about offshoring, on Wednesday night I attended the latest QTB in Manchester titled ‘thetrainline.com - Scale at speed’.

The presenters were thetrainline.com’s CIO David Jack and the Managing Director of ThoughtWorks India, Mahesh Baxi.

They took us on the journey that thetrainline.com have taken while working with ThoughtWorks to re-architect part of their system to allow them to quickly deliver new functionality on the 2,500 websites that their portal technology powers.

These were some of the key points that stood out for me:

Overall this was quite an interesting talk to attend and gave me a bit more insight into some of the similar and different challenges that are faced by projects operating across multiple time zones.

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