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Mercurial: Early thoughts

We’re using Mercurial as our source control system on the project I’m working on at the moment and since I’ve not yet used a distributed source control system on a team I thought it’d be interesting to note some of my initial thoughts.

One of the neat things about having a local repository and a central one is that you can check in lots of times locally and then push those changes to the central repository when you want everyone else to get the changes that you’ve made.

So far we’ve been pushing much more frequently than would usually be the case using something like Subversion. For example I checked in after doing some tidy up on unused references whereas with Subversion I’d probably have included that as part of another checkin.

It actually makes development more fun and reminds me of a kata I did while checking in almost every minute last year.

We’re all still very much learning Mercurial but these are some of the commands that we’ve found ourselves using a lot so far:

I’ve found Mercurial: The Definitive Guide by Bryan Sullivan and Joel’s hginit to be useful resources for learning more about this tool.

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