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node.js: First thoughts

I recently came across node.js via a blog post by Paul Gross and I’ve been playing around with it a bit over the weekend trying to hook up some code to call through to the Twitter API and then return the tweets on my friend timeline.

node.js gives us event driven I/O using JavaScript running server side on top of Google’s V8 JavaScript engine.

Simon Willison has part of a presentation on slideshare where he describes the difference between the typical thread per request approach and the event based approach to dealing with web requests using the metaphor of bunnies. He also has a blog post where he describes this is more detail.

Another resource I found useful is a video from jsconf.eu where the creator of node.js, Ryan Dahl, explains the philosophy behind event driven I/O and gives several examples using node.js.

These are some of my thoughts so far:

So far node.js seems really cool and writing code using it is really fun. I’m still not sure exactly where it will fit in some of the architectures that I’ve worked on but the model it encourages feels really natural to work with.

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