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Strategic Design (Responsibility Traps) - Eric Evans

Reading through some of Simon Harris’ blog entries I came across his thoughts on a presentation Eric Evans did at QCon titled ‘Strategic Design - Responsibility Traps’ which seems to cover a lot of the ground from the second half of Domain Driven Design and more.

In the presentation Evans make some really insightful comments and points out a lot of mistakes that I’ve made on projects. It certainly serves as a reminder to go back and read part 4 of the book again and really understand the material from that section.

These were the most interesting observations for me:

At the moment I feel like watching this presentation has made me think more about the value of what I’m doing when working on a code base. I don’t feel so inclined to randomly refactor code and I’m more keen to work out which bits of the system I’m working on would benefit from this kind of attention.

As I mentioned earlier I now need to finish off reading section 4 of the big blue book!

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