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Debug It: Book Review

David Agans’ ‘Debugging’ is the best debugging book that I’ve read so I was intrigued to see that there was another book being written on the subject.

Paul Butcher offered me a copy of the book to review so I was keen to see whether it was more like ‘Debugging’ or ‘Release Itas Ted Neward suggests.

The Book

Debug It by Paul Butcher

The Review

Much like Krzysztof Kozmic I found that a lot of the ideas early on in the book were similar to what I’ve been taught by my ThoughtWorks colleagues over the last 3 12 years.

I do think it’s really good seeing these ideas in words though because it’s quite easy to forget about the best way to approach problems in the heat of the moment and the approaches suggested by Paul certainly aren’t done everywhere in my experience.

These were some of my favourite parts of the book:

In Summary

The book is pretty quick to read at around 200 pages and packs a lot of useful tips into that space. I’d say it’s a pretty useful book to keep by your desk to refer to now and then.

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