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Reading Code: Unity

I spent a bit of time reading some of the Unity code base recently and I decided to try out a variation of Michael Feathers ‘Effect Sketching’ which my colleague Dave Cameron showed me.

‘Effect Sketching’ is a technique Feathers describes in ‘Working Effectively With Legacy Code’ and the idea is that we sketch a diagram showing the interactions between the fields and methods in a specific class while browsing through the code.

Dave suggested doing a similar thing but with methods and classes instead while stepping through the code with the debugger.

I set up this code to step my way through:

var container = new UnityContainer();

container.RegisterType(typeof (IIDProvider), typeof (HttpContextIDProvider));
container.Configure<Interception>().SetDefaultInterceptorFor(typeof (GetPaymentBreakdownsService), new VirtualMethodInterceptor());

object resolve = container.Resolve(typeof (GetPaymentBreakdownsService));

These are some of my observations from this exercise:

On the subject of reading code I recently came across an interesting post by designbygravity which describes some approaches for reading code more effectively.

In particular I really liked the section about not hating the code :

You can get sucked into hating the code, merely because it is not yours. Software people tend to be equipped with ample egos, and other people’s code can offend. But realize, their working code is better than your imagined code, because their working code exists right now. So put your ego aside and learn the code in front of you.

It’s so easy to drift into this mindset but it’s rarely helpful so if we can stop ourselves it’s almost certainly beneficial.

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