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Zen Mind, Beginners Mind: Book Review

The Book

Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind by Shunryu Suzuki

The Review

I first came across the actual term beginner’s mind when reading through the ‘Wear The White Belt’ chapter of Apprenticeship Patterns although it was often mentioned to me on one of the first projects I did at ThoughtWorks a couple of years ago that people liked teaching me things because I just took the information in pretty much without questioning.

I find nowadays that I analyse what people tell me way a lot more and then compare it against what I already know to see if it adds to my understanding. In a way this is useful but sometimes prevents me fully understanding ideas since I have already judged them.

I started researching beginner’s mind a bit to see if there was anything written on the state of mind required to maximise learning and this was the book that kept being mentioned so I decided to get a copy of it.

It is fundamentally a book on Zen and a lot of the stuff around that area didn’t make a lot of sense to me but I think there were some general ideas which can be applied to learning in general.

What did I learn?

In Summary

Although this book is about Zen I still found some interesting ideas about learning and I guess its always interesting to read something a bit different.

I’d be interested in knowing if there was a book that covered beginner’s mind purely from a learning point of view instead of Zen if anyone knows of any titles!

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