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Coding Dojo #21: TDD as if you meant it revisited

In this weeks dojo we decided to revisit the “TDD as if you meant it’ exercise originally invented by Keith Braithwaite for the Software Craftsmanship Conference but recently tried out at the Alt.NET UK Conference in London.

The idea was to write code for ‘tic tac toe’ or ‘naughts and crosses’ and we were following these requirements:

The code from Alt.NET UK is available on Google Code and what I found quite interesting is that the solutions are really quite different to each other.

Our code is up on bitbucket and again it is quite different to the other approaches.

The Format

For most of this week’s dojo Dave and I just worked together on the problem although a colleague did come and join us for the last half an hour or so. We were just pairing on a Mac.

What We Learnt

For next time

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