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Book Club: The Dreyfus Model (Stuart and Hubert Dreyfus)

In our latest book club we discussed the Dreyfus Model, a paper written in 1980 by Stuart and Hubert Dreyfus.

I’ve become quite intrigued by the Dreyfus Model particularly since reading about its applicability to software development in Andy Hunt’s Pragmatic Learning and Thinking and after looking through Pat Kua’s presentation on ‘Climbing the Dreyfus Ladder of Agile Practices’ I thought it’d be interesting to study the original paper.

These are some of my thoughts and our discussion of the paper:

I think the Dreyfus model in general is a really cool thing to learn about although I found that the way it is presented in Pragmatic Learning and Thinking is more accessible than the original paper. It’s interesting that it was written about nearly 30 years ago and we don’t make use of it as much as we could.

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