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Brownfield Application Development in .NET: Book Review

The Book

Brownfield Application Development in .NET by Kyle Baley and Donald Belcham

The Review

I asked to be sent this book to review by Manning as I was quite intrigued to see how well it would complement Michael Feather’s Working Effectively with Legacy Code, the other book I’m aware of which covers approaches to dealing with non green field applications.

What did I learn?

In Summary

This book starts off with the very basics of any software development project covering things such as version control, continuous integration servers, automated testing and so on but it gets into some quite interesting areas later on which I think are applicable to any project and not necessarily just ‘brownfield’ ones.

There is a lot of useful advice about making use of abstractions to protect the code against change both from internal and external dependencies and I particularly like the fact that the are code examples showing the progression of the code through each of the refactoring ideas suggested by the authors.

Definitely worth reading although if you’ve been working on any type of agile projects then you’re probably better off skim reading the first half of the book but paying more attention to the second half.

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