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Coding Dojo #17: Refactoring Cruise Control .NET

After a couple of weeks of more experimental coding dojos this week we decided to get back to some pure coding with the session being focused around doing some refactoring of the continuous integration server Cruise Control .NET.

The overall intention of the refactoring we worked on is to try and introduce the concept of a ‘ChangeSet’ into the code base to represent the revisions that come in from source control systems that CC.NET integrates with.

The Format

We had 6 people for the majority of the dojo so we resorted to the Randori style with each pair at the keyboard for 10 minutes before rotating.

Dave and I have been reading/trying out the Pomodoro technique in our spare time recently so we decided to use Pomodoro’s idea of reflecting on our work by stopping every 3 pairing sessions and discussing what we’d done and whether we wanted to vary the approach or keep going the same way.

What We Learnt

For next time

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