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Real World Functional Programming: Book Review

The Book

Real World Functional Programming by Tomas Petricek with Jon Skeet (corresponding website)

The Review

I decided to read this book after being somewhat inspired to learn more about functional programming after talking with Phil about his experiences learning Clojure. I’m currently working on a .NET project so it seemed to make sense that F# was the language I picked to learn.

What did I learn?

In Summary

I really enjoyed reading this book - it’s my first real foray into the world of functional programming since university and I think I understand the functional approach to programming much better than I did back then from reading this book.

It takes an approach of introducing various functional programming concepts before showing examples of where that concept might come in useful when coding. It’s also particularly useful that examples are shown in C# and F# as this made it much easier for me to understand what the F# code was doing by comparing it with the code in a more familiar language.

I’d certainly recommend this to any .NET developers curious about learning how to apply ideas derived from functional programming to their C# code and indeed to any developers looking to start out learning about functional programming.

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