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97 Things Every Software Architect Should Know: Book Review

The Book

97 Things Every Software Architect Should Know by Richard Monson-Haefel

The Review

My colleague Erik Doernenburg mentioned that he had written a couple of chapters in this book a while ago and there was a copy of the book in the ThoughtWorks office so I thought I’d take a look.

I’m far from being an architect but since their decisions affect what I do I was intrigued to see what they should be doing.

The contributions in the book are also available on the 97 things wiki.

What did I learn?

This book contains a series of short essays by software architects, 97 in total, so clearly there is a lot to be learnt from this book. I’ll just cover some of the ones I found most interesting.

In Summary

I enjoyed reading this book and there is plenty more in this book than just what I’ve mentioned - I was mainly interested in the architecture advice which affects me as a developer but there’s also advice which doesn’t apply so much to me at the moment which is probably more interesting to architects.

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