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Mercurial: Pulling from behind a proxy

I’ve been playing around with Mercurial and the mercurial hosting website bitbucket a bit this year and recently wanted to pull from a repository from behind a proxy server.

With a bit of help from the mercurial mailing list and the documentation this is how I was able to pull the repository for the Hambread project I’ve been doing a bit of work on:


hg --config http_proxy.host=ipOfYourProxyServer:portOfYourProxyServer --config http_proxy.user=user --config http_proxy.passwd=password pull http://bitbucket.org/markhneedham/hambread~

After that command a 'hg update' updates your local repository with all the changes that have just been pulled.

What I found strange was that you needed to define the '-- config' part of the command three times as far as I can tell in order to pass each of the different properties related to the proxy.

I tried just defining it once and just setting the properties individually but that just produced errors.

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