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F#: A day of writing a little twitter application

I spent most of the bank holiday Monday here in Sydney writing a little application to scan through my twitter feed and find me just the tweets which have links in them since for me that’s where a lot of the value of twitter lies.

I’m sure someone has done this already but it seemed like a good opportunity to try and put a little of the F# that I’ve learned from reading Real World Functional Programming to use. The code I’ve written so far is at the end of this post.

What did I learn?

The code

This is the code I have at the moment - there are certainly some areas that it can be improved but I’m not exactly sure how to do it.

In particular:


open Dimebrain.TweetSharp.Fluent
open Dimebrain.TweetSharp.Extensions
open Dimebrain.TweetSharp.Model
open Microsoft.FSharp.Core.Operators 

let getStatusesBefore (statusId:int64) = FluentTwitter
                                            .AuthenticateAs("userName", "password")
let withLinks (statuses:seq<Dimebrain.TweetSharp.Model.TwitterStatus>) = 
    statuses |> Seq.filter (fun eachStatus -> eachStatus.Text.Contains("http"))

let print (statuses:seq<Dimebrain.TweetSharp.Model.TwitterStatus>) =
    for status in statuses do
        printfn "[%s] %s" status.User.ScreenName status.Text    
let getLatestStatuses  = FluentTwitter
                            .AuthenticateAs("userName", "password")

let findOldestStatus (statuses:seq<Dimebrain.TweetSharp.Model.TwitterStatus>) = 
    statuses |> Seq.sort_by (fun eachStatus -> eachStatus.Id) |> Seq.hd

let oldestStatusId = (getLatestStatuses |> findOldestStatus).Id  
let rec findLinks (args:int64 * int * int) =
    match args with
    | (_, numberProcessed, recordsToSearch) when numberProcessed >= recordsToSearch -> ignore
    | (0L, numberProcessed, recordsToSearch) -> 
        let latestStatuses = getLatestStatuses
        (latestStatuses |> withLinks) |> print
        findLinks(findOldestStatus(latestStatuses).Id, numberProcessed + 20, recordsToSearch)    
    | (lastId, numberProcessed, recordsToSearch) ->  
        let latestStatuses = getStatusesBefore lastId
        (latestStatuses |> withLinks) |> print
        findLinks(findOldestStatus(latestStatuses).Id, numberProcessed + 20, recordsToSearch)

let findStatusesWithLinks recordsToSearch =
    findLinks(0L, 0, recordsToSearch) |> ignore

And to use it to find the links contained in the most recent 100 statuses of the people I follow:

findStatusesWithLinks 100;;

Any advice on how to improve this will be gratefully received. I’m going to continue working this into a little DSL which can print me up a nice summary of the links that have been posted during the times that I’m not on twitter watching what’s going on.

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