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Quality is what I work for

I’ve been reading the transcript of Joel Spolsky/Jeff Atwood’s podcast discussion on TDD/Quality and related posts on the subject by Uncle Bob and Ron Jeffries and while I guess it’s fairly inevitable that I’m likely to side with the latter two, what I’ve realised is that I get the greatest enjoyment from my job when we are writing high quality software.

Certainly delivering value to customers in a timely manner is important but if we’re not producing something that we’re proud to have written then I think we’re doing ourselves and our customer a disservice.

Taking shortcuts on quality in the short run might seem to give some immediate benefits but they don’t tend to last very long and nearly every time I’ve taken a short cut on something I’ve come to regret it.

Given this, however, what is it that high quality software means to me?

I’m sure there are more ways to assess quality but those are the ones that come immediately to mind.

If we are achieving the above then I tend to feel a sense of satisfaction in the work I’m doing. If not then I start to wonder what we’re doing wrong and try to find ways to get closer to my ideals where possible.

In addition to the above, I think we should be constantly looking for ways to improve the work we are doing as well as our approach.

Never settle.

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