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Oxite: Some Thoughts

The recently released Oxite code base has taken a bit of a hammering in the blogosphere for a variety of reasons - the general feeling being that it doesn’t really serve as a particularly good example of an ASP.NET MVC application.

I was intrigued to read the code though - you can always learn something by doing so and reading code is one of the ares that I want to improve in.

So in a style similar to that of a Technical Retrospective these are my thoughts.

Things I like

Things I'd change

Want to know more about

My learning from reading the code


I think it’s really cool that the Oxite team put their code out there for people to look at and learn from. A number of highly experienced developers have made suggestions for improvement so clearly this is quite a useful way to get feedback and code better in the future.

From what I understand, Rob Conery is working on some refactorings for this code base so it will be interesting to see what it looks like when this is done.

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