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Dave Thomas on Cloud Computing

I went to see Object Mentor’s Dave Thomas give a talk about cloud computing on Tuesday evening in a combined meeting of the Sydney Alt.NET user group and several others.

I’d not seen him speak before but several colleagues had seen him at JAOO earlier this year so he came highly recommended.

We started off with a plug for the JAOO Australia 2009 conference which will again be in Brisbane and Sydney at the beginning of May. I’ve not been to a JAOO conference before but just looking through last year’s slides and looking at the quality of the speakers is enough to tell you it’s worth attending.

After that we moved onto his view on cloud computing, which I’m told was quite similar to one he gave at JAOO called ‘Next Generation IT - Life After Jurassic Middleware’.

I’ve heard about cloud computing but not much more beyond that so it was quite the learning experience for me. Some of the more interesting things he spoke about:

Overall a humorous and interesting talk and one that has made me intrigued to learn more about cloud computing.

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