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The Toyota Way: Book Review

The Book

The Toyota Way by Jeffrey Liker

The Review

I was initially very skeptical about the value of lean in software development but became intrigued as to its potential value after listening to Jason championing it. Since The Toyota Way is the book where many of the ideas originated from I thought it only made sense for this to be my first port of call to learn about lean.

What did I want to learn?

What did I learn?

In Summary

The lean terminology (inventory, waste, etc) has become much more widely used on the last couple of projects I have worked on so it is good for me to have read this book as I now have a better understanding of what people are talking about. This served as a very good introductory book around this area.

I was worried that the book wouldn’t be that applicable to me as a software developer but I was able to see the parallels between how what we do and what is done in manufacturing have similarities. The next book for my lean learning will be The Poppendieck’s ‘Lean Software Development

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