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Coding Dojo #2: Bowling Game & Object Calisthenics Continued

We ran another Coding Dojo on Wednesday night as part of ThoughtWorks Geek Night where we continued working on the Bowling Game problem from last week, keeping the Object Calisthenics approach broadly in mind but not sticking to it as strictly.

The Format

This time we followed the Randori approach, with a projector beaming the code onto the wall, 2 people pairing on the problem and everyone else watching.

We rotated one of the pair every 7 minutes using the Minutes OS X widget to keep track of time. There were 6 of us and everyone had around 6 or 7 times at the keyboard.

The pair switching involved switching the current driver out, the current navigator taking over as the driver, and one of the people from the audience coming in as the new navigator.

What We Learnt

For Next Time

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