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Crystal Clear: Book Review

The Book

Crystal Clear by Alistair Cockburn

The Review

This was a book which had been recommended to me by a colleague a few months ago as one of the best software development books to read, and after hearing Ian Cooper describe how his team was implementing some of the ideas at the Alt.NET conference I decided I’d give it a read.

I have been working in an Agile/XP environment at ThoughtWorks for the last two years so my context coming into the book was around understanding where the overlap with Crystal Clear was, what differences there are and how I can apply these on my projects

What did I learn?

In Summary

The biggest idea I came away with after reading this book was the idea that we should always be looking to continuously improve. At one stage the book refers to Kaizen - a term from the Toyota Production System which means ‘continuous improvement’. As a result of reading this book I became more aware of this term and came across Kaizen Conf which took place in the US last week.

I think it would serve as a good introduction to the Agile world - it’s not quite as strict as something like Extreme Programming but it seems to get across most of the same ideas.

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