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Fearless Change: Book Review

The Book

Fearless Change by Mary Lyan Manns and Linda Rising

The Review

I came across this book while watching an interview with Linda Rising on InfoQ. She mentioned some ideas from Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point which intrigued me and a strong recommendation from a colleague ensured this book made it onto my reading list.

I am not currently working on a project where I need to instigate a lot of change so I was going slightly against my own principle of only reading books when I need to, but I recalled several times previously when I have tried to introduce what I thought were good ideas and didn’t really get anywhere.

I hoped to learn some ideas with regards to handling these situations more effectively.

What did I want to learn?

What did I learn?

In summary

While I have pointed out some of my favourite patterns from this book, it contains a catalogue of around 50 of them so there are many other ideas that others may find useful.

I imagine this book would be especially useful if you are working in an environment where you want to make significant changes - it provides a lot of information around the best ways to do so.

The InfoQ interview provides quite a good introduction to what else you can expect from this book.

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