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Test Driven Development By Example: Book Review

Test Driven Development by Example by Kent Beck

I know this book is quite old but I haven’t read it before - it’s been recommended to me several times but I never got round to reading it, possibly because of my somewhat misguided opinion that seeing as I do TDD nearly every day I shouldn’t need to read it.

More by chance than anything else, I was browsing through a friend’s copy of the book and came across several gems of information which persuaded me that I should take the time to read the rest of it.

I have worked in a TDD way for over 2 years now so what I hoped to gain from my reading of this book was more reinforcement - I don’t need to be persuaded by the author that TDD is a very effective approach to software development and I have a reasonable grasp of the basics.

Even if you have been doing TDD for a while it is still good to get a reminder of the principles behind it and remind yourself of some of the simple tricks that can make the approach even more effective.

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