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Pragmatic Learning and Thinking: Book Review

Pragmatic Learning and Thinking by Andy Hunt

I came across this book when reading a post linking lean to the Dreyfus Model on Dan North’s blog.

I have a keen interest in theories of learning and have completed an NLP Practitioner’s course so the ideas described in the book summary immediately appealed to me.

After coming across the concept of Reading Deliberately in Chapter 6 of the book I decided I should give the SQ3Q approach to reading books its first run out.

I think I did some of the ideas it suggests implicitly but I thought it’d be good to purposely use it. The approach is briefly summarised further down.

I originally intended to buy this book but it wasn’t available before I came to Australia so I got a Beta version from The Pragmatic Programmers website - an idea my colleague recently posted about.

It is a bit scientific in places and I read some of the chapters at the end before some of the more theoretical ones which appear early one. Going back to them afterwards I did realise that there was value in the in this information but that it had worked out better reading the chapters in this order.

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