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Onshore or Offshore - The concepts are the same?

I’ve never worked on a distributed or offshore project before, but intrigued having read about Jay Fields’ experiences I attended the ‘OffShoring: The Current State of Play’ Quarterly Technology Briefing held this morning in Sydney to hear the other side of the argument.

The underlying message for me was that a lot of the concepts we apply for onshore projects are equally important for offshore projects.

Forrester’s Tim Sheedy started off by providing some research data on the state of IT offshoring, some reasons he had identified around which type of work should be offshored before closing on some reasons that it might fail if not done correctly.

My colleague Dharmarajan Sitaraman followed, speaking about ThoughtWorks’ experience in offshoring, again covering some of the things that can go wrong, the use of agile in offshore development and finally gave some recommendations on making it work.

What I learnt


It was certainly interesting to see the view of software development from a different perspective and to see the data about how other organisations consider their relationship with IT vendors.

It would have been interesting to hear more about the distributed agile approach to development that Jay spoke about and whether/how this differs from complete offshoring but that wasn’t the focus of this talk.

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