Book Club

Book Club: Design Sense (Michael Feathers) · · book-club

Book Club: Versioning your database (K. Scott Allen) · · book-club

Book Club: SOLID Principles (Uncle Bob Martin) · · book-club

Book Club: Promiscuous Pairing & Beginner's Mind (Arlo Belshee) · · pair-programming book-club

Book Club: Unshackle your domain (Greg Young) · · domain-driven-design book-club

Book Club: What I've learned about DDD since the book (Eric Evans) · · book-club

Book Club: Object Role Stereotypes (Jeremy Miller) · · book-club object-design

Book Club: Hexagonal Architecture (Alistair Cockburn) · · book-club hexagonal-architecture

Book Club: The Dreyfus Model (Stuart and Hubert Dreyfus) · · learning dreyfus-model

Book Club: An agile approach to a legacy system (Chris Stevenson and Andy Pols) · · book-club legacy-code