Mark Needham

Polyglot Developer

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About Me

I'm currently working for Neo Technology - the creators of Neo4j, the NoSQL graph datbase.

I previously worked briefly at uSwitch and before that I spent just over 6 years at ThoughtWorks

I've written product code in Java, C#, Scala, Ruby and 7 lines in Clojure! I played around with for a while in 2012 but the most fun I had with a language was when I was learning F# in 2009/2012.

My interests tend to vary, but have most recently centred around re-learning algorithms that I've forgotten since university and modelling complex domains using graphs.

I think twitter is a brilliant tool for learning from some of the greatest minds in the software industry and I currently use it as a more social, to keep track and share the stuff that I'm reading.

I try to blog every day and use my writing as a way of discovering how well I understand the topics I'm writing about as well as sharing ideas my colleagues and I have come up with. The following are some of my favourite posts: